Gulf Citizens Want Transition into Constitutional Monarchies (Madarek for Political & Strategic Consultations)

2019-11-18 - 8:45 م

Bahrain Mirror: At the Gulf States and aspired future conference, the paper of the Madarek Center for Political and Strategic Consultations concluded that there is a popular gulf desire to change into constitutional monarchies like the European ones.

"There is a near-popular consensus rejecting the current situation in the Gulf States," said Anwar Al-Rasheed, president of the center.

The center called on "the ruling families to start the necessary facilities as soon as possible to become constitutional kingdoms, and seize this historic opportunity to seek cooperation and understanding with their people instead of the current policy of collision."

He also said that "this sensitive phase Gulf States are going through from unprecedented historical junctures and violent tremors requires us to be more clear and transparent with our peoples."

Al-Rasheed explained that "the Gulf States have always used violence and security force to curb freedom, democracy and peaceful demands of people, but today we see them at a dead end. This can be noticed by the harsh sentences issued against activists, which have exceeded a thousand years, not to mention the revocation of citizenships, travel bans and extrajudicial killings, as happened recently with the journalist Jamal Khashoggi." 

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