Jawad Fairooz: London Conference is Unified Gulf Voice Demanding Radical Reform in Region

2019-11-16 - 9:36 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): President of Salam for Democracy and Human Rights Jawad Fairooz said the aspired reforms conference in Gulf which will be held in London today (Saturday, November 16, 2019) will be a unified gulf voice directed to the international society, public opinion and peoples of the region, to demand radical political, human rights and media reform in the Gulf.

Salam is one of the many other organizations to take part in the conference to talk about the aspired reforms in politics, human rights and media.

Fairooz said in a special statement to Bahrain Mirror that "Reform is a common concern of Gulf human rights organizations as well as gulf civil society organizations that are abroad."

"These institutions believe that it is time to bring about radical changes in the Gulf region, and there is a strong conviction among all that the desired future of the Gulf will be safer, more stable and more attractive to investment, which means strengthening the economy and thus the possibility of achieving social justice and partnership in managing the country's affairs in order to achieve the principle of a state of citizenship."

"We want to assure the international community, the public opinion and the peoples of the region that this change is required and agreed upon by the elites and civil society institutions, and that this change is in line with the demands of the peoples of the region to change, reform and fight corruption," he added.

Fairooz indicated that the Gulf organizations believe in the importance of communicating among each other and are in touch with all those involved in the gulf region.

He stressed on "the importance of the gulf elites and institutions joining forces with each other and demanding real reform away from any sectarian, partisan or external agendas."

President of Salam Jawad Fairooz summed up saying that "We, people of the gulf, know that without this reform, no comprehensive economic or other development can be achieved and that this can't be done without a state of law and peaceful exchange of power and democracy."

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