88,000 New Applications for Expatriates since Onset of 2019

2019-11-15 - 9:38 م

Bahrain Mirror: Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) said that it received this year about 87,948,000 new applications for employment from abroad, out of 212,682,000 new applications it has received since the beginning of the year. 

In its statistics, LMRA revealed that the total applications for foreign labor during the current year amounted to 515,730,000, 59% of which are applications for "renewal of a license for foreign labors residing in the country", where applications for renewal amounted to about 303,048,000 applications. Meanwhile, the proportion of new applications was 41%.

As for the new applications, the LMRA indicated that 34,947,000 applications were transfer permits for workers from a corporation to another within Bahrain, 89,751,000 work permits for a foreign worker from inside Bahrain, and 87,984,000 applications for workers from outside Bahrain.

The authority said that the number of domestic worker permits amounted to 38,278,000 new work permits, and 23,909 renewal permits for domestic workers in the Kingdom, with a total of 62,187,000 permits.

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