Saudi National Receives 15-Prison Term over Smuggling Weeds, Captagon through King Fahd Causeway

2019-11-06 - 8:14 م

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court issued its verdict against two Saudi nationals in case of smuggling drugs. The court sentenced the first suspect to 15 years in jail and fined him 5000 BD, and sentenced the second to 6 months in jail, fined him 100 BD and ordered his deportation after finishing his verdict, as well as confiscation of seized items.

While customs officers were performing their duty, the two suspects came. During the routine work of the inspectors, the police dog gave a signal that there was something in the front bumper of the car, so the head of the customs department gave his orders to dismantle the front bumper. A transparent nylon bag and a black one were found inside the air conditioner filters, containing two pieces of hashish weighing 1,800 kg, in addition to 669 Captagon pills and a quantity of ground Captagon.

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