Social Insurance Board of Directors hasn't Convened since Year: Newspaper

2019-11-03 - 9:27 م

Bahrain Mirror: The board of directors of Public Authority for Social Insurance has not met for a year, local Al-Bilad newspaper said, noting that the last meeting was held in November 2018.

The newspaper added that since the ministerial change in November last year, which dismissed Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa from his post as Minister of Finance, the board of directors has not called for any meeting.

Regarding the board's approval on transferring 230 million dinars from the unemployment fund to the Public Sector Fund of the Authority (to cover the voluntary retirement expenses), the newspaper said that not all of the members approved the decision, and that the decision was taken from members via e-mail.

It pointed out that the members of the Board of Directors do not have any information about the convention of meetings, explaining that the idea of taking the members' approvals on various topics was put forward through the (informing) mechanism, but this idea was rejected by a number of members of the Board.

The idea of informing is to notify the board members and take their consent on different topics via e-mail, without discussions.

Many important topics are on the board's table. These topics are very important and critical; they include the actuarial deficit, discussion of the authority's investments as well as voluntary retirement process.

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