Two Turkish Nationals who Attempted to Travel to UK Using Forged Passports and Visas Receive for 3-Year Jail Term

2019-11-02 - 8:04 م

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court sentenced two Turkish nationals to three years in prison, ordered their deportation and confiscation of forged documents, after they tried to travel to the UK via Bahrain International Airport using forged passports and visas.

The first defendant, 22 years old, came to Bahrain in December 2018 on British Airways and presented his passport to finish the traveling procedures, but the employee noticed a difference in the passport's texture, and immediately checked the visa. She found that the stamp was forged, and informed the officials. At the same time, the second suspect came and presented his passport to the airport officer to finish the procedures, but the employee noticed that the visa for entering the United Kingdom is for 7 months. He doubted that the visa is forged, so he informed the official. Both of the suspects were arrested.

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