Court Orders Public University to Pay BD 28,000 in Arrears, Severance Pay Reward for Lecturer

2019-11-01 - 4:01 م

Bahrain Mirror: The High Labor Court ordered a public university to pay 28,000 dinars in arrears and a severance pay reward for a university lecturer.

The court refused to consider the case at first and decided to refer it to the Administrative Court as the defendant is a governmental body, but the plaintiff confirmed that the work contract was signed in a private law form and that the university signed the contract as an individual rather than as a sovereign.

The lawyer of the university lecturer indicated that his client signed with the university a job contract of lecturer with a monthly basic salary of 3370 Bahraini BD and submitted his resignation in 2018. His resignation was accepted but the university refused to hand him a salary of two months and the cash return for his annual leave, in addition to not paying him the severance pay for his working period from 18/9/2011 to 31/8/2018 and certificate of service.

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