Court Upholds Death Sentence against Arab Citizen who Killed Asian, Tried to Allure Police that Murderer is Shiite

2019-10-30 - 7:35 م

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Court upheld, unanimously, death sentence issued against an Arab National citizen who killed an Asian in Al-Houra. The defendant confessed that he murdered the victim and tried to hide traces of crime and mislead the judiciary through writing sectarian expressions (Ya Hussein) on the apartment's wall by a lipstick so the police believe the cause of the crime is sectarian.

The Public Prosecution received a notice from the competent security department saying that they found a body of a dead Asian man with his hands and legs tied in his domicile in Al-Houra. Investigations were launched and it was shown that the suspect is an Arab national citizen.

Details indicated that on the day of the incident the defendant saw the victim drunk at dawn. The defendant asked the victim for his identity card, but the victim refused and escaped from the defendant who tried to beat him.

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