Death Penalty against Murderer of Two Asians Upheld

2019-10-30 - 6:58 م

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court upheld death penalty issued against a Bahraini who killed two Asians with a hammer and attempted to murder a third one. The first-instance court had unanimously issued its verdict sentencing the defendant to death, imprisoning him for 5 years over robbery charge, imprisoning him for 3 months and fining him 50 BD over charge of acquiring weapon.

The competent security directorate received a notice on 29/3/2018 stating that a body of a dead Asian man was found in Tubli. The prosecution launched its investigation, assigned experts to head to the crime scene and take samples. It also assigned a forensic physician to examine the body.

The Public Prosecution also received notice on 13/4/2018 stating that another Asian man was found dead in another area. The prosecution started its investigations and it was revealed the the victim sustained similar injuries like the first one.

Police investigations showed that the defendant committed both crimes in a similar way. His domicile was searched based on public prosecution order. The police found the crime tool, the hammer, he used to hit the victims.

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