Will Nasser bin Hamad Become First Military Security Man in Bahrain?

2019-10-28 - 8:05 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The centrality of the Bahraini King's son Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, 32 years, is increasing day after day and so is his presence in the Bahraini military, security and service fields, especially after the King issued a royal order 54/2019 appointing him as a National Security Advisor.

The official state media and its subordinate outlets were recruited to showcase the significance of this matter and publish congratulations. Almost every minister, the army commander, head of the National Guard, head of the National Security Apparatus, and a large number of officials issued more than 43 congratulatory statements in Bahrain News Agency (BNA), congratulating the king's son on his new post. Al-Watan, run by Al-Khawalid, made a short video entitled "19 Years of Achievements" recounting Nasser's positions and tasks.

The royal order specified the tasks assigned to the King's son clearly: "To oversee the national security policies and strategies of the Kingdom of Bahrain to ensure the top internal and external interests, in cooperation with the competent authorities." Nasser sent a letter of thanks to his father in which he pledged to work on achieving what's stated in the royal order.

The National Security Service, one of the most dangerous agencies, has now become accessible to the king's son to officially intervene in its affairs, and this includes all agencies of a security nature. Has this royal order come as a step towards a larger goal, i.e. to make Nasser the first military and security man in the country, and put, in one way or another, the security and military services in his grip?

In addition to now becoming a national security policy and strategy adviser, Nasser bin Hamad was appointed days after the end of national safety period as commander of the Royal Guard (June 19, 2011), and was promoted to colonel.

In September 2017, he was appointed as a member of the Supreme Defence Council. Nasser also holds various other positions, such as the presidency of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports and other institutions. The new appointment comes one year after he was promoted to major general, noting that his promotion order was issued in October 2018.

Regardless of his destructive behavior to the country's governance and hierarchy, the king's son, thanks to his father's support and successive appointments, enjoys a special centrality, and it can be seen in the fact that he coordinates directly with ministers and undersecretaries of ministries and gives his guidance and orders. He actually receives complete obedience from government agencies.

Nasser bin Hamad has become now the strongman in the country, and has all the support from the country's decision-making source, and even more, from the Gulf, especially the UAE. Bahrainis can only observe the rapid rise of the king's son to decision-making positions, and remember his rise to fame by torturing detainees in 2011, and his famous statement on state television at the peak of the crackdown: "To everyone that demands the fall of the regime, may a wall fall on their heads. Bahrain is an island and there is no escape.

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