Defendant Accused of Forging Certificate from Malaysian University Receives 3-Year Prison Term

2019-10-25 - 4:33 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced a defendant accused of forging certificate from a Malaysian University to 3 years in prison and ordered the confiscation of forged documents.

The Public Prosecution received a notice from the Ministry of Education stating that an applicant submitted a request to accredit his certificate, saying he obtained it from a university in Malaysia. After the ministry contacted the university, it was shown that the certificate is not valid and that the accused did not complete his studies.

The prosecution began investigating the incident and listened to the statements of the head of the Foreign Certificate Equivalency Department at the Ministry of Education.

It also questioned the defendant, who confessed falsifying the university degree, with the assistance of a Malaysian person.

The prosecution ordered the referral of the defendant to the competent court which issued its verdict.

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