Mumtalakat Exceeds Highest Salary Averages, Doesn't Announce Job Vacancies

2019-10-24 - 8:43 م

Bahrain Mirror: The report of National Audit Office monitored employees in Mumtalakat Company receiving salaries that exceed highest salary averages. Among the cases the report showed is the vice president who receives about 7,850, while the maximum salary according to the salary schedule is 6,500 dinars, in addition to the legal secretary who receives 1,500 dinars, while his actual salary enlisted in the salary table is 500 BD.

The report also said that Mumtalakat didn't announce job vacancies before employing people whether through its website, social media outlets or even broadcasting them inside the company. Candidates for positions are usually nominated by some employees who bring people they know, according to human resources officials.

It indicated that the company employed 46 citizens from 2015 to 2018 without it specifying any list of candidates for these positions, amid lack of any document related to their evaluation. The company also signed contracts with employees even before providing all their employment requirements.

The report confirmed that Mumtalakat signed indefinite employment contracts with a number of non-Bahraini employees.

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