6 Million BD from Works Ministry Revenues not Transferred to State Treasury

2019-10-24 - 8:13 م

Bahrain Mirror: National Audit Office report for 2019 stated the Ministry of Works and Municipalities continued to use some of its revenues for its recurrent expenses, without transferring them to the state public account.

The report indicated that the total revenues the ministry acquired and didn't transfer to the state treasury last year amounted to about 6 million dinars.

The report showed that there were 67 usufruct contracts in Arad industrial zone for the Ministry of Works and Municipalities, which had ended since 11 years, with tenants continuing to benefit from them, without the municipality of Al-Muharraq taking the necessary measures to renew or cancel these contracts.

The report said that the failure to sign new contracts deprives the municipality of the possibility of increasing its rental income, especially with the decrease of rents the municipality is collecting from some properties.

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