Court Fines Bahraini 300 BD for Transporting Students without License

2019-10-22 - 6:13 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Minor Criminal Court doubled a fine imposed on a Bahrain for transporting students without a license from 100 to 300 BD. The defendant refused to pay the money saying that he doesn't have the amount. He was told that he will be imprisoned for 2 months in case he doesn't pay, thus, he took out his wallet and paid the fine.

The driver was fined 100 BD for transporting students with a bus he owns, without having a license. Thus, he decided to challenge the criminal order. He appeared before the court and asked the judge to reduce the fine, saying that he does not have 100 dinars because his income is limited.

When the judge asked him about the reason of not taking a license from the traffic directorate to transport students, he didn't give a reasonable excuse. The driver also claimed that he doesn't have enough time to get a license and that his income is limited, thus, he can't pay the fine. The court fined him 300BD because he didn't give acceptable excuse.  

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