French Parliamentarians Speak of Official Crackdown Campaign against Political Prisoners in Bahrain

2019-10-17 - 9:51 م

Bahrain Mirror: A number of French MPs talked about the increasing human rights violations in Bahrain, particularly violations against political prisoners.

On October 15, French Member of Parliament (MP) Laure de La Raudière said in an intervention that the country has witnessed, since years, unrests related to Shiite protests demanding a true constitutional monarchy. She added that several sources say that the ruling authority is putting radical pressure on political dissidents. The MP asked about France's diplomatic position on human rights in Bahrain.

MP Bérengère Poletti warned the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs about the situation of current and former women political prisoners in Bahrain. In particular she raised the cases of Najah Yousef, Ebtisam Al-Saegh, Madina Ali, and Hajar Mansour.

She confirmed that the Bahraini government targeted the female human rights defenders and activists and their family members.

She added that they are victims of abuse throughout the criminal proceedings along with many others, including illegal arrests, unfair trials and conditions of illegal detention, as well as the physical, sexual and psychological torture to obtain confessions.

French Member of Parliament Denis Sommer spoke about "violations of international human rights law in Bahrain, particularly the targeting of political activists and human rights defenders."

Sommer said that "the Bahraini government has carried out a repression campaign against all forms of opposition since 2008, which has particularly affected the right to freedom of association and freedom of expression. This campaign mainly targeted political activists and human rights defenders."

"Despite reports by NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and despite the UN's condemnation of these abuses and calls by its human rights office for the release of dissidents, the human rights situation in the Kingdom of Bahrain remains a concern."

Sommer asked what the international community intends to do to address Bahrain's ongoing rights violations.

MP Marie Lebec asked the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs what diplomatic approach he will take to ensure human rights in Bahrain. She said that the July executions of two Bahraini torture victims who were tried in an unfair trail were condemned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights remains concerned about the situation of death row detainees.

On October 1, French Member of Parliament Michel Larive raised concerns regarding the execution of two Bahraini torture victims which took place in July 2019 and the ongoing suppression of human rights defenders and political opposition figures.

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