9 Acquitted of Charge of Gathering Money and Transferring Money to Suspects Wanted over Political Motivated Reasons

2019-09-27 - 4:13 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court acquitted 9 over charges of gathering and transferring money to suspects wanted and pursued over political motivated reasons.

The court said in its acquittal ruling that the acts brought against the defendants were not criminalized in accordance with the text of article 1/3 of Law No. 4/2001, and that they were criminalized after amending the text of that article under Law No. 36/2017, issued on September 27, 2017, i.e. all the facts attributed to the accused prior to that date. The prosecution's referral order was not incriminating at that time, but was after that amendment was issued.

The authorities claim that the 9 suspects were getting amounts of money ranging between 20 and 390 BD by the first defendant, a member in Al-Wefaq Society.

The court decided to arrest one of the suspects for one year in prison and fine him 50 BD over charge of acquiring fireworks. 

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