CSB Confirms Ban on Return of Voluntarily Retirees with Temporary or Partial Contract: Newspaper

2019-09-20 - 7:04 م

Bahrain Mirror: Local Al-Bilad newspaper said that the Civil Service Bureau confirmed the ban on return of voluntary retired employees to the government job on a temporary or partial contract.

The bureau was quoted as saying that the civil service instructions no. (7) for 2018 on the optional retirement program for employees of government agencies have been banned with a clear text in section (4) of: Fourth (scope of application and conditions of use of the program) the return of employees to the government service of any kind of employment and according to the executive regulations of the Civil Service Act includes all types of temporary and partial employment in addition to permanent employment.

It added: therefore, this binding prohibition is one of the clear conditions in the program, which was shown by the various publications of the program in various social media outlets and the CSB website, newspapers and television, all of which clarified the condition of not returning to the service.

It stated that the program in its origin was optional and subject to the will of the employee, as well as that it was required to cancel the post after the retirement of the employee (the staff member) and to cancel its budget accordingly.

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