Appeals Court Demands for 2nd Time to Present Al-Dair Bombing Video in Case of Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Mousa

2019-09-19 - 5:56 م

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Appeals Court ordered the Public Prosecution for the second time to bring a security video of a bomb explosion in Al-Dair, the case over which Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Mousa were sentenced to death.

The authorities say that the explosion led to the death of an Asian policeman, Abdulwahed Sayed Mohammad Faqir.

The appeals court adjourned the case until September 25 to get the video.

The case was reopened by the Public Prosecutor office after new evidence emerged that was not proposed before the court because it was not aware of it at the time, he said at a press conference with the Attorney General.

The Court of Cassation had earlier ruled that the attorney general's request for a reconsideration of case had been accepted and overturned the court of appeals decision to execute Hussein Ali Mousa and Mohammad Ramadan Isa, who were accused of the bombing.

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