30 Children Arrested during First Half of Year: GIDHR

2019-09-19 - 3:57 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) said that it monitored the arbitrary arrest of 30 children between January and May 2019.

It added in a report on the human rights status in Bahrain that the authorities systematically targeted children and arrested 30 between January and May 2019. 6 cases of enforced disappearance were recorded among these children for a period not less than 2 days. 33 violations were documented against 17 detained children during the period between January and May 2019.

The report also discussed the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen due to the war waged by Saudi Arabia and Emirates and the mass execution of 37 people in Saudi Arabia over political background. It added that Emirates arrested 8 Lebanese men, tortured and prosecuted them over political background cases.

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