Nasrallah: Bahraini Regime's Backing of Zionist Attacks is Most Heinous Treason

2019-09-10 - 7:18 م

Bahrain Mirror: Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that he stands with the Bahraini people in the face of tyranny.

In his speech on the 10th of Muharram of year 1441 AH on the Islamic calendar (September 10, 2019), at the central commemoration ceremony of the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital Beirut, Nasrallah said: "The people of Bahrain also continue to suffer tyranny and oppression from this corrupt and traitorous regime, and these days it is further aggravated by the assault on the Hussaini (Ashura) rites."

Nasrallah pointed out that the Bahraini regime is fighting this commemoration [of Imam Hussain] which forms part of the cultural, religious, social and historical identity of the people of Bahrain.

He went on to say that "the [Bahraini] regime's summoning and injustice towards religious scholars and preachers, in addition to going far with its normalization with the Zionist enemy, and even worse, congratulating and supporting all the Zionist attacks in the past weeks on the Palestinians, on Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, as well as its treacherous hosting of the economic conference related the deal of the century, is the most heinous form of treason."

"On Hussain's day, we say to a Hussaini jihadi people, the people of Bahrain, in your peaceful revolution, your loud cries and steadfastness in demanding your rights, you are performing great jihad (i.e. fighting oppression) in the path of Allah, and you will gain more insight into the rightfulness of your jihad, with every new discovery of the truth about this corrupt and treacherous regime," stressed the Hezbollah Secretary-General.

"Your great jihad must bear fruit because this is God's promise to the true Mujahideen," he added.

"Today we renew our faith in your right, your sincerity and your steadfastness and express our solidarity and stand by you," Nasrallah concluded.


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