Khalid Al Khalifa Defends Israeli Occupation

2019-09-02 - 11:14 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa continues to surprise people time and time again. Whenever one thinks that the Bahraini regime has reached rock bottom, this minister surprises everyone and stoops to an even lower level.

Time and time again Bahrainis feel embarrassed in front of their Arab brothers because of the stances of their Foreign Minister, who's outright cruel to his people. This FM leaves no chance for Bahrainis to save face before the world due to his disgraceful positions.

The Bahraini regime, represented by its Foreign Minister, has started to act as a social bot for the Israeli occupation government. The minister did not feel ashamed yesterday, after the news broke out about the Lebanese resistance targeting an Israeli armored vehicle inside the occupied territories in Palestine, to be the first foreign minister in the world to take a stance against the Lebanese resistance and against the brotherly state of Lebanon.

The FM criticized Lebanon via his Twitter account saying: "the attack of a country on another is forbidden by international law. The standing of a state watching battles on its borders and endangering its people is a great underestimation of that state's fulfilment of its responsibilities." He then called on Bahraini citizens in Lebanon to leave immediately and return to their country.

The Bahraini regime has become the most prominent representative of the Arab Zionist movement, which explicitly means participating in the empowerment of the Israeli project in the region, giving it the legitimacy of being present in the occupied territories, and giving its encroachments on the Arab States a cover from within the region.

The Bahraini regime, led by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, has now fully thrown itself in Netanyahu's arms. The issue has gone beyond flirting. It has become a shameful show.

Al-Wefaq's Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi commented on the minister's stance saying: "the Bahraini foreign minister's position does not represent the popular will, and the Bahraini people, including all its factions, stand with the right of the Lebanese people to resist the Israeli occupation."

Opposition leader Ibrahim Sharif for his part said: "Live and learn. The aggressor is crystal clear and the victim whose land is occupied is well known. But what is not fully understood is why the foreign minister of an Arab state has become a media spokesman for the Zionist enemy."

Former MP Ali Alaswad expressed his frustration stating that "one feels ashamed that his country is represented by a minister who does not understand geopolitics and is a spokesman for Avichay Adraee."

The strike happened in Palestinian territories, yet the screams came from Al-Riffa, the headquarters of King Hamad Court. The strike hit an Israeli armored vehicle, but unfortunately those suffering and shouting are from inside the Bahraini government headquarters in Al-Qudaibiya.

It has gone beyond the concept of normalization with the occupying entity, reaching the stage of publicly seeking and serving the Israeli project, and perhaps there is no regime that offers its services in such a scandalous way to Israel.

Is there still anything to cover the violations of the official authorities in Bahrain? Is there anything left for the loyalists to defend the regime with? Has the regime reached the point to which it has started to look for any role to play to gain external patronage that would keep Al Khalifa in power with the same benefits, corruption and brutality?

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