Pilots Union Sues Labor Minister for Refusing to Hand in "Deposit Receipt"

2019-09-03 - 6:49 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Gulf Air Pilots Union said it hired a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the Minister of Labor after the ministry refused to hand them in the deposit receipt, despite fulfilling the requirements.

It said in a statement that article 11 of Decree 33/2002 on the Law of Trade Unions explicitly states that the trade union exists and is legal from the date of filing its statutes and names of its founders in the Ministry of Labor, "but the Ministry of Labor abuses the pilots".

It added that the union, which was established on March 8, 2019, has filed all legal requirements for nearly six months, but the Ministry of Labor is still stalling and arbitrarily not handing in the deposit receipt, which is a clear violation of the Constitution and the law, adding that this disrupts trade union work.

It explained that it "hired a lawyer and started the proceedings to file a lawsuit against the Minister of Labor and the Ministry in the coming days, which the union has been trying to avoid during the last six months, but the ministry did not respect the desire of the pilots to regulate their legal entity and abused our constitutional rights guaranteed by local and international laws."

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