MoI Seized 681 Drugs Cases during 6 Months, 62% of them through King Fahd Causeway

2019-08-30 - 7:25 م

Bahrain Mirror: Ministry of Interior's periodic statistics on the number of seized drug cases in the Kingdom of Bahrain recorded more than 681 drug cases during the first half of 2019.

The land port across the King Fahd Causeway witnessed the highest rate of seized cases by about 62% of the total number of cases, followed by cases seized within the country at a rate of 31.5%, then cases seized in the airport at a rate of 5.5, and those seized in seaports at a rate of 1%. Meanwhile, no cases were recorded at sea. The number of people who died of overdose during the mentioned period was 10. Meanwhile, June recorded a significant decrease in the rate of arrested citizens, by 26% of the total arrests.

Citizens came on the top of the list of those arrested in drugs cases during the six months with an average of 37% of all arrests, followed by the Gulf at 35%, foreigners at 26%, and finally Arabs at 2%.

With regards to the sex of those arrested, males amounted to 90% of all arrests, and 10% were females, while June recorded the highest rate of female arrests at 26%.

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