Al-Wefaq: Foreign Minister's Statements Supporting Israel Rude and Hostile

2019-08-28 - 7:26 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society described the Bahraini government's stance represented by the statements of its foreign minister in support of the Israeli strikes on three Arab countries as "rude and irresponsible". It said that the minister "works days and night against the interests of Arab and Muslims and betrays the nation's causes for the sake of gaining the support of Zionists and their supporters".

Al-Wefaq said via its Twitter account that "the Bahraini regime continues to adopt insane and hostile stances through foolish statements that incite towards attacking four Arab countries, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria, and encourage the Zionists' attack on them."

The Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa announced backing the Zionists' attacks and dubbed them as self-defense.

The Society described the regime's speech as "rude, irresponsible, and unpatriotic," stressing that the regime works day and night against the interests of Arabs and Muslims."

It further highlighted that these stances are being fabricated and written elsewhere. They are very odd and do not represent the faith, culture, principles and stances of the Bahraini people that have been established and known for hundreds of years.

Al-Wefaq stressed that "what is being issued by Khalid bin Ahmed and his regime are positions that do not reflect the people of Bahrain and their point of view. This regime is isolated in its abnormal stances and the people of Bahrain are eager for peace and reject the logic of war and destruction, the source of which has been the Zionist entity in the region."

Al-Wefaq pointed out that it's "peace and good for the Arab and Islamic countries and peoples of our nation, and the language of understanding and joint Arab action which prevails," adding that "the resistance of the occupier and the usurper of the land and holy places is a right guaranteed by all international charters and the people of Bahrain were and will always remain against the Zionist terrorist, usurper and unlawful occupation."

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