Al-Wefaq: Thousands of Shiite Graduates Prevented from Employment in Education Sector, Saudis and Egyptians Brought

2019-08-26 - 7:15 م

Bahrain Mirror: Accurate information and details revealed a systematic sectarian plan whereby the Bahraini regime deliberately excludes thousands of Bahrainis, who belong to the Jaafari doctrine, from employment in the education sector, the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said.

It added that media information confirmed that hard work is being done to recruit a large number of teachers from Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt, and that their recruitment is in full swing, while the Bahraini Shiite citizen has been waiting for the same job for 15 years.

"Few days ago, the Bahraini government started receiving large numbers of male and female teachers from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, while thousands of unemployed Bahraini teachers are waiting for the same jobs and are denied employment only because of their sectarian affiliation," the society stated.

Al-Wefaq held the government directly responsible for this dangerous sectarian decision, which does not reflect the behavior of a state but a project of sedition and destruction of society. It added that a failed minister or a benefiting official cannot make such a big decision without a consent and a signature.

"The Bahraini regime is known to all the sensible people of the world as a sectarian and corrupt system. The country's composition reflects this in the management of state affairs and its military, security, judicial, information, financial, political, media and executive institutions, which are dominated by sectarianism and tribalism," the society stressed.

It confirmed that "the decision of the rulers of Bahrain since 2011 to end all elements of coexistence and pluralism and to enter into chaos, terrorism and sectarianism - to the extent of the interference of the official sectarian decision in every detail of life - is what brought the country to this status of total absence of justice, security and coexistence."

Al-Wefaq concluded its statement by stressing that all the tyrannical, authoritarian and criminal regimes in the world did not exercise the destructive roles and schemes practiced by the Bahraini regime, using mainly foreign support in its crackdown on an indigenous societal component in Bahrain.

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