Websites of Some Ministries Haven't Been Updated since 5 Years: Newspaper

2019-08-24 - 6:30 م

Bahrain Mirror: Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper said that the websites of a number of ministries and government agencies have not been updated for many years, and the last data shown on their websites was between 2014 and 2017.

It pointed out that some ministries published their reports without the websites visitors' access ability, and published them in form of inaccessible secret files, while some websites of a number of government agencies contained no data, reports or even simple information to visitors.

It noted that the statistics published on the Education Ministry website date back two years, as the latest statistics were published in 2017, while the analysis of government educational agencies has been stalled since 2014.

The Ministry of Housing latest update was its annual report in 2015, and there haven't been any updates since then. The report also lacks the necessary data such as the number of housing applications, the number of expected projects, and that of beneficiaries each year.

The Electricity and Water Authority stopped its bulletins last December, after it used to publish them before. Besides, the authority's website does not contain information or data regarding the number of subscribers or collected amounts for the number of subscribers, and there is no database that contains the authority's annual reports on the website.

The Ministry of Health's latest data update was in 2017, after the publication of health statistics. The data update stopped since then, with no further information on Bahrain's health sector, no data and statistics for visitors or even media professionals.

With regard to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, it is committed to publishing its annual reports every year, but only publishes the achievements of the ministry, while the website of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication only publishes the daily weather forecast and number of Kingdom's visitors periodically, without the website containing a database concerning the ministry's annual reports, or statistics related to the ministry.

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