Graduate of Fraudulent Lahaye University Mocks Complaints of Top Students about Scholarship Distribution

2019-08-16 - 3:18 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Look who is mocking the complaints of the superiors and their parents with regard to the unfair distribution of scholarships and the ministry's lack of transparency in granting scholarships to students who deserve them. It is the journalist Osama Al-Majid who holds a diploma in journalism and media from the fictitious #Lahaye_University, at least that's what Al-Bilad newspaper, which he works for, put on his identification card.

Look who describes the voices of the people demanding the Ministry of Education to publish the scholarships results to promote the principle of transparency as "withered voices" and say that those who call for justice in the distribution of scholarships are "liars and disgruntled". It is not strange for the holder of the fake certificate to mock the top students of Bahrain and their families and defenders of their right to receive the scholarships they deserve. The one who obtained his certificate by purchasing it from a fraudulent university, does not understand the meaning of fatigue or staying up at night and does not know how students lived up to the challenge to compete and achieve the top choices of majors on their list. They scored these top scores by their efforts not by hypocrisy and currying favor with the decision-makers.

The graduate of the fictitious "Lahaye University" says in his published article that the Ministry of Education responded in a strong and comprehensive way and supported its response with facts that silenced narrow minds. Instead of this, it would have been better if he had mentioned one of the "facts" with which the ministry silenced us, which refuses to publish the names of students who received scholarships and ignores the demands of MPs to publish them. What are the facts that the holder of the fabricated certificate is talking about?

This is not strange or new to a graduate from a fraudulent university. Last year, Bahrain was rocked by the scandal of forged certificates. After the preacher of Nof Al-Nassar Abdulrahman Al-Fadhil mosque during a Friday sermon addressed the subject, this issue provoked the anger and resentment of so-called Lahaye University graduates. Al-Majid said in an article that these preachers offend the nation and its achievements, and in fact he is right, as he, himself, is one of the imaginary achievements of the nation that such speeches offend.

Perhaps the best comment on his last article is what a Twitter user wrote, "Leave the traitors and fabricators and don't disturb yourself with them. It has been almost a year since the issue of #Forged_Certifiactes_in_Bahrain and you haven't tackled the issue until this day. We want you to narrate to us in your column about the holders of the journalism and media diploma from Lahaye University."

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