Former MP Osama Al-Tamimi Banned from Leaving Bahrain to Receive Treatment: HR Activist

2019-08-16 - 6:16 م

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that the Bahraini security authorities prevented on Friday (August 16, 2019) former MP Osama Al-Tamimi from leaving the country to receive treatment.

She explained via her Instagram account that Al-Tamimi attempted to leave Bahrain through the airport after "doctors advised him to follow up his medical condition and receive treatment abroad due to suffering from a brain stroke".

She added "after arriving at the airport he was told that he is banned from traveling without specifying the reason or whose behind the ban. Meanwhile, his family said that they made sure via the government websites that there is no travel ban imposed on him. The family demanded lifting the ban."

Al-Tamimi suffered a brain stroke 5 days following his arrest. He tried on Friday (August 16, 2019) to leave the country on the Omani Air to Muscat.

Al-Tamimi belongs to the Sunni minority in Bahrain. He; however, is a dissident and is known as a harsh critic of the authorities and his stances defending the popular demands adopted by the Shiite majority in the country.

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