Seven Employees in Tourism Authority Dismissed

2019-08-02 - 11:32 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Among the amusing stories told about Abu Saeed Qaraqosh, who worked for Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi, is that once a short man was sentenced to death, but when Qaraqosh saw that the rope did not reach the short man's neck, he ordered bringing a tall man to be hung instead.

Bahrain's own Qaraqosh figure has his new stories making similar verdicts, yet the grip of the law doesn't reach the perpetrators from the ruling family or those close to it. It; however, reaches anyone who files a complaint against them. This is what "Qaraqosh" did to the Tourism Authority employees.

Seven employees from the Tourism Authority wrote a complaint against Minister Zayed Al-Zayani and submitted it to the Crown Prince, hoping that he would give them justice.

According to the prosecution's list, the pampered Minister mocks, insults and threatens staff by expelling them, and underestimates all their ideas for advancing the Authority's work. This is not surprising, as the minister believes that all Bahrainis, except him, lack creativity.

In his view, the employees were not in the position of proposing projects and tourism events, so he wrote off many projects, and postponed the approval of the Authority's budget, thereby blocking their ability to implement projects that he had reluctantly approved.

A 5-page list was submitted by the seven employees to Fahd bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, director of the Crown Prince's Office, thinking that he would be able to give them justice, but no one expected that the Crown Prince would order the formation of a commission of inquiry headed by the Minister of Interior.

The Commission was tasked to verify the intent of the defamation and identify any administrative irregularities or violations that do not comply with the regulations and provisions of the law. The Crown Prince turned a blind eye to the long list of abuses and the employees became indicted.

One month after the investigations conducted by the Commission, headed by the Minister of Interior, it  was concluded that "the employees committed the crime of defaming the poor minister", and therefore the Civil Service Council, headed by the Crown Prince himself, ordered their suspension and referral to a disciplinary committee.

The "criminal" employees did not adhere to the laws of the Qaraqosh rule. The unwritten law in Bahrain is that "minor" people in the eyes of the regime should realize their size and be put in their places when it comes to ministers, as ministers are trusted by the king and his family and should never be questioned.

The seven employees were added to the list of expelled persons, such as President of the Jaafari Endowments, Sheikh Mohsen Al-Asfour, who complained against Justice Minister Kahlid bin Ali at the Royal Court, and director of the sports department in the Al-Ayyam newspaper, Akil Al-Sayed, as well as journalist Abdullah Al-Babtin, who criticized the work of Minister Ayman Al-Muayyad, who is close to King's son Nasser bin Hamad.

This list of victims will remain open, unless Bahrainis adhere to their definition of "courtesy" in communicating with spoiled ministers and officials, and avoid angering the shaikhs.


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