This is What Executed Ali Al-Arab was Exposed to: Amnesty Int’l

2019-07-28 - 3:16 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrain executed on Saturday (July 27, 2019) Ali Al-Arab after accusing him of joining a terrorist group and murdering a policeman, but the question remains: Does Bahrain have even one piece of evidence to convict him?

Bahrain only has one thing against Al-Arab, which was his confession extracted under torture, according to Amnesty International. Bahrain practices a notion that "torture is the master of evidence", as all political trials rely on confessions taken under the harshest conditions of torture.

This information is mentioned in Amnesty's statement, which includes what martyr Ali Al-Arab was exposed to since his arrest on February 9, 2017.

Amnesty indicated in an urgent appeal it launched on March 29, 2017 that Ali Al-Arab alleges to have been tortured during his 26 days of interrogation, including having his toenails pulled off, given electric-shocks and beaten.

When Ali Al-Arab was transferred to Dry Dock prison on March 7, he said he was repeatedly beaten on his foot.

According to Amnesty International's information, when Ali Al-Arab arrived at Dry Dock prison on March 7, he was taken to the prison's administration office and told to kiss the boot of an officer. When he refused, he was repeatedly beaten on both legs.

Due to the pain in his legs, he had difficulty standing and was only able to pray while sitting down. Later that day, he was seen being taken in a wheelchair to the prison clinic. Witnesses have also reported seeing Ali Al-Arab's toenails growing back from the nail root.


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