Bahrainis Reject their Gov't Stance, Stand against "Disgraceful" Deal of Century

2019-06-27 - 10:27 م

The Trump administration organized an economic workshop in Bahrain on June 25 and 26, purportedly aimed at resolving the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Under the title "Peace to Prosperity", the White house seeks to undermine Palestine, its people, and rights.

The workshop was headed by Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, advisor and the architect of the plan, who said that the deal could be the "opportunity of the century" for Palestinians. His plan includes raising $50 billion for investment in the Palestinian territories which includes 179 infrastructure and business projects.

Despite the stated aim of improving the situation for Palestinians, it is strange that it was held without the Palestinians approval or participation and no Palestinian officials were consulted about the workshop. The stance amongst Arab states' stance varied, with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Morocco taking part in the event, amid the boycott of Palestine, Syria, Libya, Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq and Kuwait. Although some of those who did participate claimed to have done so to highlight the plight of Palestinians and to stop any negative impact on Palestine.

The workshop is a developed copy of Balfour Declaration that was the first step in dividing Palestine. This time under the title of "Deal of the Century", its true aim was to undermine the Palestinian cause, and to prioritise the interests of Israel over Palestinians rights and drag the Gulf towards normalization of relations with Israel. This deal serves only the interest of Israel, the US, and the Gulf states, in particular the hosting country - Bahrain.

Bahrain finds the workshop an opportunity to achieve its appease its allies and a push towards normalization, despite the rejection of its people to this workshop.

The official stance of Bahrain directly contravenes the views of its people that has repeatedly rejected normalizing with Israel. Bahrainis staged protests against the workshop, raised the Palestinian flag atop roofs to denounce the event, and stressed that they are committed to the Palestinian cause, considering any form of normalization a betrayal.

We express our ultimate rejection to this shameful workshop. Bahrainis will always support the Palestinians in their legitimate rights and struggle and will always recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

Ali Alaswad, Former Bahrain MP, opposition (Al-Wefa)

27th June, London