Al-Wefaq Holds Conference against Deal of the Century: All who Take Part in Bahrain Conference Deemed Traitors to Palestine

Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi delivers speech at conference
Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi delivers speech at conference

2019-06-25 - 2:32 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's National Islamic Al-Wefaq Society organized a forum entitled "Sovereignty for Peace and Prosperity" that was held in the Lebanese capital Beirut in support for the Palestinian cause and rejection of the so-called deal of the century workshop, stressing that all those who take part in the upcoming workshop are traitors to Palestine.

The forum was attended by Arab, Islamic, political, economic, parliamentary and media figures from a number of different countries, all Palestinian factions, representatives of political parties and civil society institutions. In its closing statment, Al-Wefaq said that the forum presented the dangers of the so-called "Deal of the Century," the first part of which to be announced at the conference organized by the Bahraini regime tomorrow under US direction, Israeli dictation, Gulf complicity, and a Palestinian boycott, reiterating the necessity of criminalizing the normalization of ties with Israel.

The forum participants discussed many of the dimensions linked to the Palestinian cause, the means to support this central cause, the significance of countering the wave of official normalization with the Zionist enemy, and thwarting the deal of the century. They stressed that this deal is intended to liquidate the Palestinian cause, put an end to the refugee issue by resettlement projects and the establishment of Israeli occupation and settlement in the Bank, legitimize the imposition of Zionist sovereignty over occupied Arab territory, including the Golan and Lebanese territories, and allow occupation forces to take control over Islamic and Christian holy sites.

The participants also highlighted the positions of the countries that refuse to participate in the Bahrain conference and stressed the importance of carrying on such political stances in support of the Palestinian people.

The participants further commended the popular Arab and international movement advocating for the Palestinian cause and opposing the deal of the century despite international complicity, underlining that the Bahraini regime involved in the deal of the century does not represent the popular will in this regard; stating that the Bahraini people of all political affiliations stand by the Palestinian people in attaining all their legitimate rights, deeming Al-Quds the eternal capital of Palestine and classifying normalization as a major crime against Palestine.

The forum's Organizing Committee listed a number of recommendations reviewed by the participants, some of which are as follows:

1. Commending the Palestinian position rejecting participation in the Bahrain conference and boycotting it, calling for the continuation of this position and expediting the achievement of Palestinian national reconciliation.

2. That all Palestinian factions of different orientations, institutions and the Palestinian judiciary deem whoever participates in the Bahrain Conference a traitor to Palestine.

3. Abolishing the Oslo Agreement and all agreements with the Zionist entity, which the Zionist entity practically abolished by heading towards the deal of the century project.

4. Continuing efforts to criminalize normalization by political parties, civil society organizations, trade unions and parliaments in various countries that support the Palestinian cause and deeming normalization an act of treason.

5. Carrying on the popular movement in various countries across the world, rejecting the deal of the century and all normalization projects with the Zionist entity, and holding the conviction that the deal of the century will not stop at the borders of Palestine, but rather go beyond them reaching all Arab borders.

6. Reiterating the call to participating countries tomorrow in the conference to boycott this workshop and stand by the Palestinian people.


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