Accused of Forging PhD Works Ministry Undersecretary Only Owns Diploma: Newspaper

2019-06-11 - 5:27 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini local Al-Bilad newspaper reported that the undersecretary of the Ministry of Works, Mohammad Al-Ansari, accused of forging his higher education certificates, only has a high school certificate and a diploma from the University of Bahrain and that all the rest of his certificates are forged and issued by fake foreign universities. It added that the stamps on his 3 Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees are all forged.

Looking into the case, the court decided to adjourn it until June 25, in order to summon the investigating officer to hear his testimony, as well as head of accreditation of abroad qualifications department in the education ministry and chairman of the disciplinary committee in the Civil Service Bureau to also hear his testimony.

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