Bahraini regime Outperforms Experiments of Repression and Tyranny in Facing Freedom of Expression: Al-Wefaq

2019-06-04 - 11:57 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini regime, through the Ministry of Interior, issued a strange and unprecedented threat to citizens not to follow any electronic accounts that do not adore and sanctify the regime's tyranny and abuses.

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior threatened via its Twitter account that those who follow any accounts that are not in harmony with the Bahraini regime's vision, will be subject to legal accountability.

The Ministry of Interior's statement revealed that the dimensions of freedom, national interest and civil peace in the eyes of the government and all its security, judicial and executive institutions are not consistent with international resolutions, conventions and laws, and are not compatible with Islamic law, and do not express the values and morals of the people of Bahrain.

Al-Wefaq said that the Bahraini government targets the security of the people, and therefore, unleashes its followers to commit the worst misconducts and incitement against anyone who disagrees with the authorities. It also commits the worst abuses and violations against citizens, assaults their dignity and values and threatens those who speak about or expose such violations or non-patriotic options, such as the Deal of the Century, with punishment and imprisonment.

It added that the record of cases, trials and defamation is not hidden, and blatant discrimination, favoritism and recklessness are clear in it. In addition, prisons are full of prisoner of conscience.

The society asserted that the Bahraini regime is suffering a great psychological and moral defeat due to its isolation from its people and losing legitimacy by its disastrous and dangerous steps, the most prominent of which is throwing itself into the Zionist project and explicitly declaring its affiliation with what the Zionists are planning, by hosting the Bahrain workshop, which paves the way for the Deal of the Century.

It further said that the regime cutoff the connection with the people by hosting the conference, which paves the way for the Deal of the Century. Al-Wefaq added that the regime does not have any popular legitimacy regarding this hosting, which cannot be achieved except since it is a part of the Zionist project that is aimed at abandoning Palestine, Jerusalem and all holy sites.

Al-Wefaq stressed that the regime's resort to besieging freedom of opinion and expression and going quickly to the Zionists did not start today, but years ago when the regime found itself practicing the worst forms of oppression, persecution, injustice, crushing and killing against the people of Bahrain in the streets and under torture in prisons and trying Twitter users, while a part of the citizens and the Arabs and Muslims applauded it and agreed on its tyranny and crimes.

The society further stressed that the Bahrainis ridiculed the regime's threats and considered it the trick of the helpless and the defeated, adding that these ridiculous threats are unmatched in the world. Al-Wefaq said that the regime is a source of anxiety, tension, strife and chaos, and the fact that the whole people are living with worry due to intimidation is proof that the people don't have anything to lose anymore, because the regime has practiced all forms of terrorism.

Al-Wefaq finally stressed that the appeals for aid and the Zar parties are no longer acceptable even for those who once applauded the regime, adding that the exploitation of the atmosphere and conditions of terror, fear and intimidation that besets Bahrain, to pass the Deal of the Century through the gate of Bahrain will not happen, and the people will not remain silent. Al-Wefaq further said that the regime's attempts through threats and intimidation and the security services' exposed electronic work is no longer capable of silencing or intimidating the people of Bahrain.