Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim: Attack on Al-Ghuraifi is Attack on the People and their Causes

2019-05-13 - 8:45 م

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim issued a statement on Sunday (May 12, 2019) defending Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi after the official media attack on him, following his recent acts.

Sheikh Isa Qassim said in his statement "Sayed Abdullah al-Ghuraifi is one of the strong men of Bahrain and the nation, and is a fortress for his country. He does not abandon his religion under temptation or intimidation."

"A heart free of petty grudges, small rivalries, and humiliating greed. He does not choose for himself or anyone else to aid the unjust against the oppressed in order to save himself."

"The attack against him is an attack against the people, the causes of the people, the hopes of the people and the freedom of the people. Thus, the proud people will not stand by while an attack is being launched against a prominent, honorable, ardent figure. It is an attack on the people themselves and on a man who must not be abandoned," Sheikh Isa stressed.

"It is very harmful to the country and its stability, and the regime made a huge mistake by targeting such a loyal man with one word that is not worthy of his great position."

Ayatollah Qassim concluded his statement saying that "Al-Ghuraifi is with the people and the people are with al-Ghuraifi. Harming him harms them, and assaulting him assaults them."

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