Bahrain: Raids Campaign and Random Arrests Ahead of Formula Race

2019-03-30 - 6:12 م

Bahrain Mirror: Citizens said that the security apparatuses in Bahrain launched a random raid campaign against some houses and arrested a number of people, at a time Bahrain hosts Formula One race.

They said that a security helicopter hovered in the atmosphere of many villages amid a heavy security presence in streets.

The Formula One race is to be held on Sunday (March 31, 2019) in Bahrain.

International organizations severely criticized Formula One organizers and International Automobile Federation for their approval to hold the race in Bahrain against, and called them to take a stance.

They also launched a campaign against F1 organizers due to the ongoing arrest of activist Najah Yousif over after posts against the 2017 race appeared on a Facebook account she co-managed.

After major pressure, the F1 administration issued a statement on March 26, saying that it is in dialogue with Bahrain over the plight of imprisoned Bahraini Activist Najah Yousif, while also defending its human rights policy.

Najah was sentenced to three years in jail over her opinion.

Human Rights Watch urged Formula One last week not to turn a blind eye to human rights witnessed in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International urged Bahrain to release prisoners of conscience on the eve of F1 race. It said "Beneath the glamour of the F1, there is a far more sinister side to Bahrain, revealing the country as a deeply repressive state where anyone critical of the government can be jailed merely for posting a tweet."

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