Trade Unions Federation President: MPs Disappointed Bahrain Workers, Facilitated Infringement on their Funds

2019-03-21 - 1:55 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Secretary General of the General Federation of Workers Trade Unions in Bahrain (GFWTUB), Hassan Al-Halwaji, expressed his regret that those who are considered representatives of the people passed the proposed amendments to the Unemployment Fund law and disregarded and facilitated the encroachment on the workers' funds instead of protecting them.

He said in a statement after the amendments were passed in the House of Representatives, that the money of the Fund belongs to all workers, and no one may infringe on them without the consent of those who provided these funds after they were deducted from their wages.

Al-Halwaji explained that the legislative authority is supposed to protect the workers' money, represent their ambitions and listen to their demands, but the House of Representatives today failed the workers of Bahrain by passing these amendments despite the constitutional and legal suspicion, hoping that the other part of the legislative authority, the Shura Council, will realize this mistake and tackle it by the rejection of this infringement, and will more equitable than the MPs.

Al-Halwaji said that the General Federation is still determined to reject this infringement and still believes that whoever proposed this early retirement project should find sources to finance it far from the Fund whose money is considered aid provided by the workers of Bahrain to support their unemployed fellow citizens, stressing that they don't have the right to take from the pockets and wages of workers to fund projects that have nothing to do with them.


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