UN High Commissioner Urged to Investigate Human Rights Situation in Bahrain

2019-03-17 - 12:18 ص

Bahrain Mirror: London-based Salam for Democracy and Human Rights Organization sent a letter to the UN High Commissioner and President of the Human Rights Council urging them to establish a mechanism to investigate the human rights situation in Bahrain.

The organization urged the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, and the President of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador, Coly Seck, to publicly and specifically condemn the human rights violations in Bahrain, calling on them to act in accordance with international law to end the deteriorating human rights crisis.

Coinciding with the fortieth session of the UN Human Rights Council, Salam called on the Bahraini authorities to join more human rights treaties and their optional protocols, and to restore full citizenship and associated rights to at least 841 citizens whose nationalities were arbitrarily revoked by an executive order or unfair judicial rulings since 2012.

The organization also urged the government of Bahrain to immediately release all opposition leaders, including Sheikh Ali Salman and the rights activist Nabeel Rajab, former MPs and prisoners of conscience accused of exercising their rights, as well as put an end to the arbitrary sentences issued against them.

Salam noted in its letter that Bahrain had not fully met its promise to implement radical reforms as recommended by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry.

The letter also listed a series of human rights violations and a wide range of repressive methods practiced by the Bahraini authorities, including the revocation of the nationalities of at least 841 citizens, the increasing number of people sentenced to death and the ongoing unfair trials, in addition to the torture and ill-treatment in Bahraini prisons.


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