Parliament Raises Urgent Proposal to Government to Abolish Flexible Permit

2019-03-13 - 8:04 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Parliament approved on Tuesday (March 12, 2019) an urgent proposal to scrap a flexible work permit scheme for foreigner workers.

According to the Al-Ayam newspaper, one of the proposal submitters, MP Mohammed Al-Abbasi, said, "The decision violation the labor market law. The violation is that this new decision overpassed the first article of the labor Market Regulation Act, which provides that the employer who is given the flexible permit must not be a worker, so this decision is unlawful."

"We were complaining about the bulk labor and crowding the citizens in everything, and the government came up with a strange solution, focused on the financial part so that it harvests money from these workers and benefit from them instead of solving the problem, and today there is a negative impact of this decision on the national economy," he added.

Al-Abbasi continued "The decision harmed the merchants, neither the merchants, the chamber of Commerce, nor the citizens are satisfied. Is there an experience in a country that has done such a procedure to solve the problem of bulk employment? I have never seen a country that takes care of the foreigner so that he settles in the country."

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