First Shale Oil Well to be Pumped within Next Two Months, Says Tatweer Petroleum Official

2019-03-11 - 7:54 م

Bahrain Mirror: The production process of the first shale oil well in Bahrain will begin next April or May, said a Tatweer Petroleum official.

He added in a press statement that the drilling of the first well of shale oil began during the past months, noting that the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) will arrange a promotional tour to attract international companies specialized in shale oil production in April; in order to work on turning the field from the discovery to production stage as soon as possible.

On a related note, the company official said that Tatweer has been making efforts to hold a number of discussions with drilling companies to reach an agreement to start production of the first deep gas well within the fourth quarter of this year due to preparations for drilling equipment.

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