If Qatar Doesn’t Return to its Senses, We Don’t Need It: Bahraini FM

2019-03-03 - 9:28 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Foreign Minister, Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, attacked Qatar again in a statement made to an Emirati newspaper on the sidelines of the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Abu Dhabi.

"If Qatar does not return to its senses, we don't need it" he stressed, adding that Qatar "must be well aware that it is responsible for supporting terrorism, pumping funds to interfere in the internal affairs of Arab states and conspiring against the Gulf states. And despite all of that, she goes and tells the world that its a besieged country."

On the other hand, the Minister called on the Islamic Republic to change its policy completely. "No one can change the geography between us and Iran, but it can change and reform its approach to interfering in the internal affairs of countries, and we look forward to a change in its policy, so it would become an active in society, or else we will stand against it," he said.


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