Ministry of Works Departments and Directorates Merged due to Employees Shortage after Voluntary Retirement: Newspaper

2019-03-02 - 9:21 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning will witness a restructuring in the coming days after the acceptance of applicants for voluntary retirement, which will lead to a shortage of employees in all departments and directorates of the ministry.

The newspaper pointed out that the procedures that will be applied following the departure of employees in the voluntary retirement will be through merging some departments with each other, with increasing the missions assigned to employees.

This came after a circular issued by the Civil Service Bureau on filing proposals on restructuring the bureau, based on the requirements of job interest.

The newspaper indicated that the current trend in the municipalities is towards re-centralization in the ministry, so that the departments in the municipalities are merged and the employees in the four municipalities "Capital, Northern, Southern, and Muharraq" directly follow the ministry's cabinet. 

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