Official numbers: 8,025 Bahrainis Discharged in Voluntary Retirement Program, 45% from Education Ministry

2019-03-02 - 8:08 م

Bahrain Mirror: Minister of Shura and Parliament affairs Ghanem Al-Buainain announced the acceptance of 8025 employees in the voluntary retirement program from among the 46 government agencies offering their employees for the program.

According to the Al-Watan newspaper, the numbers showed the acceptance of the retirement of 3634 employees from the Ministry of Education by 45% of the total number of retirees accepted in the voluntary retirement program, while retirement of 1323 employees from the Ministry of Health was accepted, which constituted the highest number of retired employees after the Ministry of Education whose employees constituted about 17%.

The numbers attached by the Civil Service Bureau in its response to MP Adel Al-A'asoumi's question on the number and percentage of retirees in the voluntary retirement program showed that the highest percentage of retirees were of ages between 40 and 49, which reached 4225 employees, i.e. 54.9% and, and 26.4% to people whose ages range between 50 and 59 with 2040 employees, while the number of retirees aged between 30 and 39 years was 1439, and 5 employees whose ages are not more than 3 years.

The statistics showed that the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning ranked third with the acceptance of 737 employees, and the retirement of 424 employees from the electricity and Water authority to become fourth, and then the Ministry of Interior which came in fifth rank with respect to number of accepted in the voluntary retirement program with 395 employees.

The Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs was the sixth, with 253 retired employees, and the University of Bahrain followed it with the retirement of 183 employees. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor and Social development came in eighth rank with 168 employees followed by the Social Insurance Organization with 113 retired employees, and then the Ministry of Communications and Communication tenth with the retirement of 110 employees. 80 employees retired in the Ministry of Information Affairs, followed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and tourism with the retirement of 76 employees.

The minimum number of retirees was in the Bahrain chamber for Dispute Resolution, Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission, and the Office of the Adviser of the Prime Minister for Economic affairs with only one employee from each, and so was the case in the General Secretary of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Office of the First Deputy of the Prime minister. The office of Deputy Prime Minister Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa accepted two employees from each side for voluntary retirement.

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