Parliament Forms Commission of Inquiry on "Bahrainization of Jobs in Both Sectors"

2019-02-28 - 1:03 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The House of Representatives in its meeting on Tuesday, February 26, 2019, approved the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry on "the Bahrainization of jobs in the public and private sectors".

The investigation commission is set up in accordance with an explanatory memorandum including action on three levels: investigating the obstacles preventing the Bahrainization of jobs, ensuring the compliance of the concerned parties with the implementation of laws and internal decrees and regulations related to the Bahrainization of jobs; and lastly ensuring the quality of work conditions of non-Bahraini workers and the type of jobs and finding out the reasons why those jobs weren't Bahrainized.

The MPs voted for the membership of the commission, and the 12 members of the commission were elected: Ibrahim Al-Nafi'i, Ahmad Al-Amer, Basem Al-Maliki, Khalid Buonk, Ammar Al-Mukhtar, Fadel Al-Suwad, Muhammad Al-Abbasi, Yousef Zainal, Ali Ishaqi, Bader Al-Dosari, Masoomah Abdul Rahim and Abdullah Al-Dosari.

"We have young unemployed people who want to know why they have been unemployed for a long time," said Ali Ishaqi, head of the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee. "We must agree to form a commission of inquiry to find out why these graduates have been left unemployed."

"There are 800,000 foreigners in Bahrain, 200,000 of whom are paid high salaries, while the Bahraini is sitting at home, even though he holds higher education degrees." He added that there is no seriousness in employing Bahrainis at some companies. "After 60 years of Gulf Air work, a foreign employee has been hired as the head of sales."

MP Ibrahim Al-Nafi'i said that "the commission is supportive of all the initiatives launched by the government on the employment of the unemployed, so we insist on its formation, because it will be complementary to all actions and will be an achievement attributed to us."


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