Editorial: Who is the Bahraini Now?

Manama in 1917
Manama in 1917

2019-02-27 - 12:06 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini is the one who does not dare to speak out, who has lost the power to define himself and the things that surround him and who cannot scream at the top of his lungs from the oppression that is almost exploding inside him. If you find yourself to be unwanted, and not welcomed by the state, you then know that you are indeed a Bahraini, and if you find yourself in the position where others dare to assault you, and you do not have the ability to respond, rest assured that you are a Bahraini. This is what the Bahrain's reality has come to.

If someone silences you and tells you it's not your right to use terms such as: naturalized, mercenary, non-genuine Bahraini and new Bahraini, then be sure that you are a silenced Bahraini who has no power and right to even describe intruders.

The Bahraini now does not even have the power of representation in the Parliament speaker seat, as it defends the interests of those who rob you of the power of your authenticity and the homogeneity of your open identity. If you find that you do not have a voice because it was taken from you to be given to those who do not represent you, then know that you are a Bahraini who has no voice.

The Bahrain is now seen by the naturalized as a foolish, naïve, lazy person who renounced his right. The Bahraini is the one who does not have the right to say for himself, because there is none of him left to define himself, as others have violated and stole his identity, citizenship, sovereignty, priority, and messed with everything that distinguishes him.

The Bahraini is the one who is not allowed to describe others, but must accept the humiliating and insulting descriptions of him. The Bahrain is the person whose security, future, present and past are being tampered with.

The Bahraini is the one who has no priority in hiring, housing, health, education, or nationality and whose citizenship is revoked whenever he shouts out of pain and repression: "Man of Naturalization, Hamad".

The Bahraini is this duplicated, distorted, copied, forged, hastily crafted, manipulated, deceived, and made-to-be clone.

The Bahraini is the one who is being done to him the opposite of what he is told, who is promised land yet buried instead and mocked. The Bahraini is the voice of the one who lost the love of his homeland, which is no longer his: "wW want someone to love us. Who would love us?"


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