Final Verdict on Execution of Mohammad Al Tawq & Mohammad Radhi in Sitra Bombing

2019-02-25 - 10:39 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Court of Cassation issued a final verdict on the execution of Mohammad Ibrahim Al Tawq and Mohammad Radhi Abdullah in the Sitra bombing case, which the authorities said left two policemen killed in 2015.

For his part, Bahraini lawyer Ibrahim Sarhan said that prisoner Mohammed Radhi was a victim of torture, stating that he was subjected to electric shock and sexual harassment. He also said that the number of final death sentences, facing the risk of being implemented, reached with this verdict to 6.

Attorney-General Ahmad Al-Hammadi, head of the Terrorist Crimes Prosecution, said that the Court of Cassation refused to the appeal of the verdicts issued in the aforementioned case and ruled the execution of the defendants.

According to the authorities, the 24 defendants formed, managed, led and funded a terrorist group, killed policemen, attempted to murder others, detonated explosive devices, had possession of explosives, trained on the use of weapons and explosives, manufactured flammable materials, destroyed properties, harboured convicted criminals and fugitives, had knowledge of the terrorist crime and its execution plan, did not inform the competent authorities and entered and exited the Kingdom of Bahrain illegally.

The case revolves around the explosion that the Bahraini Interior Ministry claimed took place in Sitra on July 28, 2015, resulting in the deaths of two policemen and injuries of six others.

The former Al-Wefaq bloc MP, Sheikh Hassan Isa, was also charged in the case. The court today upheld a 10-year prison sentence against him with the revocation of his nationality.

Prosecutors said the defendants acted under the instructions of alleged defendants in Iran.

On October 29, 2018, the High Court of Appeal upheld the first instance death penalties issued against Mohammad Ibrahim Al Tawq and Mohammad Radhi Abdullah, and the revocation of their nationalities, as well as the life prison terms issued against Salah Saeed, Ibrahim Jaafar Hassan, Ali Abdul Karim Marzouq, Laith Khalil Al Tawq and Ali Ahmad Ali, with the revocation of the nationalities of four of them, and the 10-year imprisonment and revocation of the nationalities of defendants Sayed Mortada Al-Sindi and Qasim Abdullah Ali.

The court also sentenced other defendants to prison terms ranging between 6 months and 10 years.


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