Despite Popular Criticism, Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Supports Bahrain's Participation in Warsaw Conference

2019-02-22 - 3:12 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee of the House of Representatives issued a statement on the participation of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the conference entitled, "Peace and Security in the Middle East", which was held in Warsaw at the invitation of the United States of America over two a two-day period with the participation of more than 60 countries.

The Committee, as stated by its president Mohammad Al-Sisi Al-Buainain, highlighted its support for the international mobilization for facing Iran's influence in the Middle East, and the United States' call for forming an international coalition to achieve this goal, face the Iranian threats and cooperate according to the new alliances to confront the security and political challenges of the region.

The Committee also backed "the objectives of the conference on the situation in the Middle East and the region, Iran's nuclear program and the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's speech to the conference, his call for an open dialogue on all issues, and his assertion to the media that Iran poses the most serious threat in the Middle East. "

The Committee further stated that "peace and stability in the Middle East can not be achieved without confronting Iran, its nuclear program and the ballistic missile program, which poses a threat to peace and security in the region," stressing that "Iran's blatant disregard for international rules must be countered and the most stringent international restrictions must be put to deter the Iranian missile program."


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