Court Upholds 7-Year Jail Term against Suspect Accused of Attacking Police Patrol in Diraz

2019-02-21 - 9:12 م

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Appeals Court issued 7-year jail term against one appellant out of 26 suspects accused of attacking police patrol in Diraz and ordered the confiscation of seized items.

The court had already upheld imprisoning 15 appellants to periods ranging between 3 and 7 years in jail, bound all the suspects to pay together 2660 BD for the damages caused to the patrol, and ordered the confiscation of seized items.

The authorities say that the interior ministry received a notice on (11 April 2013) stating that protests took to the street near Diraz roundabout and burnt a number of tires. The authorities claim that the protestors hurled Motolov cocktails against the police as soon as they arrived, which led to burning the police patrols.  

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