Mariam Al-Jalahma: Nurses not Exempt from Non-Renewal of Licenses Fines

2019-02-20 - 12:19 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Executive Director of the National Health Regulatory Authority, Mariam Al-Jalahma, refused to exempt anyone from any financial penalties, stressing that the fines are government fees and paying them is obligatory according to the law.

In response to the fact that some nurses were surprised by the fines imposed on them for their delay in renewing their licenses, she explained that in the decision No. 17 of 2016 on specifying the category of license fees and services of the National Health Regulatory Authority, Article 2 has specified that the license renewal application must be submitted at least one month before its expiration and that the fee will be doubled if the application is submitted within the two months following the expiry of the license period. If the license application is submitted two months after the expiry of its term, it shall be considered a new license, in which case the first license fee shall be doubled.

Every person is responsible for renewing his\her professional license, even employees of government agencies. Every person should be aware when the renewal period has ended and submit their application either directly or through the Human Resources Department.


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