Editorial: Why February 14 Never Ends

2019-02-15 - 1:24 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): February 14, the event that never ends. Why?

It's because the movement of the people doesn't come to an end. Its spark may fade for a while, but then it comes back ignited with a new spirit. Peoples' movements out smart and circumvent the regimes that want to suffocate them, until they bring their movements back to life in endless ways. Nations cannot be defeated or ended, O tyrants, it's you who come to an end.

The February 14 movement shall not come to an end. We rose to stop the collapse of the state and we came out to say that the regime is taking us to a pit of hell. What we have said since the start of our movement, which you couldn't see before, today has become crystal clear; a worn-out state which has lost its sovereignty and neutrality towards its indigenous citizens, even turning into their enemy. The state has lost its life because it is incapable of finding its soul and unable to reform and revive the people who wreak havoc, and spread tyranny and injustice in all aspects of the ruling system.

The February 14 movement shall not end, because the majority of citizens who took to the streets and rallied at the Pearl (Lualua) roundabout still dream of returning to it, returning to the podium where they said they want a constitutional monarchy that preserves their rights. They find that their rights today are being looted. They see the parliament, for which they shed their blood, is defending the king's right to change the country's demographic makeup and social fabric in order to replace, insult and crush the people's dignity. They see this parliament is attacking their dignity, which they stood up for, so they will continue their uprising and February 14 will also continue to thrive from within them. They seek and take every opportunity to make their dignity and pride come first, and not the king's family.

The February 14 movement shall not end, because the economic demands which the king thought he could buy with a thousand dinars, cannot be afforded now. His debts are drowning this tiny island.

The February 14 movement shall not end, because it represents the long history of peoples, and not the short history of kings and dictators. Peoples' lives are longer than that of their kings. Peoples have larger souls than the tyrants that rule them, and peoples would swallow their kings if they did not find anything to eat.

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